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All of our compounds are sent to a third party laboratory for rigorous HPLC analysis to determine their purity & identity.

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We hold the leading position in the industry for custom reagent formulations. Our solutions provide exceptional dissolution and enhanced compound delivery rates.

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Researchem is committed to providing top-quality, lab-grade research compounds and reagents, guaranteeing precise results in empirical research. We offer a range of compounds that have been or are currently being used in research trials, ensuring their relevance and applicability. To guarantee accurate empirical data collection, each of our compounds is subjected to rigorous quantitative analysis to verify its potency. Trusted by prestigious universities and industry clients, Researchem stands as a reliable source for research compounds.

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When you choose Researchem, anticipate exceptional outcomes. We are dedicated to formulating our compounds using advanced and effective delivery methods, ensuring their reliability and efficacy for scientific discovery applications.


We are committed to reintroducing highly sought-after exotic compounds to the forefront of research.


Our team consistently goes the extra mile for our customers. Whether you have a question about a compound or require assistance with your order, our friendly and devoted team is here to help. Expect timely and professional communication at all times.