Multi-use Vial Access Spike

The Multi-Use Vial Access Spike removes the cost of constant draw needles that are often exchanged and replaced out when switching from vial to vial during compound retrieval. The spike set serves as a universal tool to keep many laboratory facilities. The Multi-Use Vial Access Spike Connector can be removed from the current vial and swabbed with an alcoholic wipe such as Isopropyl Alcohol Swabs to clean and disinfect the spike; then placed into another vial. The multi-dose spike set can be switched from batch to batch until you feel the item has reached its full use or cannot come into contact with one particular medication without it being sterile. Insert spike into vial, twist on syringe barrel and draw desired amount of liquid. Unscrew the syringe then place your lab use injection needle on top of the syringe. You may leave the spike in the vial for repeat use.


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